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How To Blend Eyeshadow: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Blend Eyeshadow: A Beginner's Guide

Gifting fresh and appealing looks to your eyes is an art. You need to play with different colors that suit your natural skin tone to make your eyes the center of focus. Eyeshadow is an incredibly versatile element of your everyday makeup. 

But it can be challenging to balance the transition between different shades to sculpt your face. On one hand, dark eyeshadows are great for a dramatic smokey eye look, while on the other, the glittery, brighter shades of nude eyeshadow palette are the perfect addition for a party look.

The whole game is about blending the right shades; messing up this crucial step can ruin your eye makeup. Ensuring that light shades are not overpowered by darker ones and balancing the seamless transitions of shades are critical to perfectly dressing up your eyes.  

Besides purchasing the right nude eyeshadow palette, invest in buying the perfect makeup brush for eyeshadow blending. It will help you avoid harsh lines separating the eyeshadow shades and smudged eye effect. So, blend different nude eyeshadow shades that compliment your look and eyes with the below tips.

4 Tips to seamlessly blend nude eyeshadow 

Choose the right brushes

The market is full of different types of makeup brushes, but choosing the right one is very important to blend the shades seamlessly. It will be best to choose:

One smaller blending brush: Use it to blend the eyeshadow shades. Also, it helps you apply the shades in the inner corner of your eyelid.   

One sturdy blending brush: This is an essential element of a makeup kit. Use this brush to make a perfect makeup base.   

One larger brush with looser fibers: It is used to blend nude eyeshadow around the crease and brow bone area. 

Wash your brushes

It is a crucial step to blending the eyeshadows. Using the brush without washing it can mess up the shades. However, cleansing the brushes is not an easy task either.  

Every time you use the brush, wash it with mild soap and warm water to remove any residue of previous shades. This will ensure that vibrant and dark color does not mess with your next look.

 It will be best to go for professional blending brushes as they can be cleaned quickly and work effortlessly on the crease, and brow bone area, allowing you to dress up your eyes easily.

Primers are probably the most ignored makeup product. However, using a primer is great to make your hard work last. Using a primer before starting ensures that the makeup stays on for longer

 However, cleaning and drying makeup brushes takes significant time. If you need the brush immediately, don’t panic. You can clean your makeup brush back and forth with a cleaned piece of cloth. Once you see the mark of previous colors is removed, your makeup brush is ready for subsequent use without the fear of transferring the last eyeshadow color.

Apply balanced pressure on the brush while applying eyeshadow


Whether you are using nude pink eyeshadow or champagne eyeshadow from your nude eyeshadow palette, applying the correct pressure is a must to blend the eyeshadow shades perfectly.

If you apply heavy applications of nude eyeshadow, it will be difficult for you to blend the different layers of eyeshadow shades.

Apply different pressure on different areas of your eyelid depending on your choice – which shade you want to stand out more. It will ensure that eyeshadow shades blend easily and make your eyes more noticeable.

You should apply little pressure while applying nude eyeshadow to the crease. Apply more pressure over your crease to make a bolder and more intense look. By applying the correct pressure, you can easily blend the shades and get a smoother and more vibrant look.

Blend the crease of your eye correctly.


The fourth thing to consider for seamless nude eyeshadow blending is to blend the crease correctly. `But it is tricky; it requires connecting the different shades smoothly.

Draw a line with eyeshadow to differentiate the outer edge of your eye from the crease. Use a large brush in a circular motion to blend the choppy, starting from the outer edge to the inward of the eye.

At last, make sure that everything is seamlessly blended. If you notice any mistakes, buff away these mistakes.


Blending the eyeshadow is a critical step to get the best look. Apply the eyeshadow in a balanced proportion for a smooth and sophisticated look. Besides, it’s essential to choose the best nude eyeshadow palette. Whether you want to purchase a nude eyeshadow palette or nude pink eyeshadow, Nude Envie has a premium collection, which will give you a smooth, vibrant, and salon-like look at home. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite nude eyeshadow palette and provide a new and appealing look to your eyes.

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