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Five-star Content Rulez and Home Buyers Dig It!

Content marketing is king, and it’s here to stay! Long live the King! Wouldn’t it be a genuine blast to sell homes featuring merely pretty pictures? Realtors’ profession would most definitely turn into the most coveted career on the planet. Imagine they post a real estate image on Insta and Twitter now and then. Then, homebuyers would suddenly rush through your door to purchase a property. Unfortunately (?), things are more complicated, and we’re here to untie the complex knot surrounding the art of compiling compelling content.

We mean the masterful combination of unique and revealing texts, visually captivating video material, and hi-res photos by five-star content. Perhaps, you can jazz it up with infographics to prove your point statistically. People and Google will judge you based on your content’s merits. So, you’d better sketch your content carefully because it will reflect your real estate agent skills and trustworthiness.

Inform your audience about the big picture!

A top-tier local real estate agent should carefully plan their marketing strategy for 2022. And content marketing (featuring both written and video content) is a central cogwheel in this delicate structure. It’s a fact that we’re about to face desperate times market-wise, at least according to housing market predictions in 2022.

For this reason, homebuyers, understandably, will want to study their prospects from as many angles as possible. And this is where expert realtors come into the picture. Your content will help property sellers and buyers see in which direction local market trends are heading.

Set the local real estate market into the larger context!

Content diversity is critical here. First of all, you should be up-to-date with local listings (more about that later); no one denies that. However, a five-star agent should also be able to let their readers and followers into the so-called greater housing market picture. Why don’t you write about the most recent relocation trends in the US or how home offices have reshaped the local market? And what’s a more efficient method to inform them than compiling accurate and descriptive real estate content?

For instance, a well-informed housing agent will quickly point out that the median price of brand new properties has increased by about 14 percent since March 2021. At the same time, interest rates went up to approximately 4.17 percent in March this year. In addition, home purchasing power spectacularly increased twenty-one percent in 2021 but, most probably, will drop in 2022.

How can these details help local realtors in their everyday work? National housing trends affect local communities. Homebuyers tend to investigate the regional housing market before signing the contract. Under ideal circumstances, they should find your content as the ultimate source of relevant information while searching for local news.

How to organize your real estate content so the target audience will find it?

Suppose you’ve got premium content on your hands, and you meticulously outlined your target audience. Where should you post, and which are the most efficient marketing tools and platforms? Our recommendation is to fire on all cylinders! To be on the top of your game implies operating at the greatest possible level of speed, productivity, efficiency, and speed. First of all, why don’t you publish your top-notch content on professional websites and high-profile real estate directories, such as @RealEstateAgent?

Newsletters are an essential content format!

Write real estate newsletters and send them out monthly or weekly! Newsletters are an excellent way to promote your business and update readers about your services and housing market news. By all means, you can also include new listings. It’s a highly efficient industry benchmark.

Start blogging and vlogging to show off your expertise!

You can organize your content in blogs. Real estate blogging is a trendy and informative means to keep your clientele and followers engaged in your content. Vlogs and blogs provide you with enough breathing room to cover various topics, from DIY home renovation ideas to mindblowing interior and exterior facelifts. You can present anything related to homes, lifestyle, and city or neighborhood descriptions. In fact, the sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Pay attention to SEO! Ideally, you should include as many topic-related keywords in your text as you can think of. Don’t forget to shoot original pics or create enthralling video content! Therefore, search engines will embrace your content and become Google-friendly!

Infographics have the power to convey critical information.

We suggest you come up with some detailed infographics. Pie charts are helpful tools in showcasing market information your sellers and buyers are undoubtedly interested in. An infographic is a concise, easy-to-grasp, and descriptive instrument that you can effortlessly link to your newsletters, website, or social media profiles.

YouTube is a must-have

You lose substantial traffic and potential customers every moment you spend without a real estate agent’s YouTube channel. We know shooting hi-def videos implies a considerable amount of money and energy. Still, clients prefer agents taking their time to upload video content with property walkthroughs. It creates the impression of first-hand experience. Besides, users truly appreciate discovering local must-see destinations. Get creative and put yourself in your users’ shoes. For this reason, you can put together footage, for instance, of the actual home buying or selling process. That would really hit the jackpot!

Use the blessings of social media!

You can’t skip the trendiest social media platforms, either. It’s been mentioned countless times before, but creating several professional social network profiles that align with your portfolio works! By posting on Twitter,p TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you’ll provide an unbelievable exposure to your content!

 Offline marketing is your friend.

Did you know that traditional marketing still grants you a ton of solid outlets to publish your content? Publish your content in direct mails, and expand your reach to TV and print media consumers! Though offline marketing has lost its edge, it can still compete against digital marketing, especially in smaller communities.

Interconnection makes Google happy.

The formula is pretty straightforward: you develop unique and informative content, and people start to like and share it. However, don’t forget to link your professional profile to social media accounts and write a compelling real estate agent bio! Therefore, your users can jump back and forth between your various sites, generating more online traffic for you. And did we mention that the Google search engine genuinely appreciates this?

Final thoughts

Let’s get one thing out in the open! Reliable, factual, and informative content lays the groundwork for any well-oiled real estate machinery. Without it, no realtor can build a real estate empire! And contrary to some popular yet perverse misconceptions, readers, online users, and potential clients do consume great real estate content and not just look at pretty pictures!

Content establishes reputation. The more your write about various subjects, the larger audience you can draw. Do you firmly believe in your ideas? Then, “spread” it on every real estate platform within your reach!

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