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Figure Out How Much Concrete You Need – Concrete Calculator

How much onsite ready mix concrete do I need to complete a task? It is one of the most obvious questions contractors ask them self and the answer remains unknown. But a concrete calculator can help you out.

You might have seen people advising to buy cement by prediction. However, it creates wastage of material. Well, we understand it’s not easy to trust someone when buying cement. It is because every human has a different perception, and so does advice.

All you should do is use a concrete calculator to figure out the cement needed for a job site. We hope this guide will solve all your worries about buying cement for a specific construction project.

A Thorough Calculation For Concrete

No matter if it’s your first construction project or had a good experience in buying concrete, we have a solution for all. Below we have listed the top 3 factors to be involved in concreting:

  • The total area you will concrete
  • Your overall budget
  • Type of cement you require

You don’t need to have years of experience efficiently installing or laying cement on a large scale. Furthermore, you can easily find the solution by following our instructions. Furthermore, a concrete calculator will be helpful in saving money in a construction task.

Now, walk through the most important points everyone must know before starting construction work. Check out the formula for calculating the cement.

Calculation For Cement You Required

The calculation process is very simple. Check out below!

  • Start with measuring the area you are going to cement (it could be your kitchen, patio, garden shed, or driveway).
  • Now, the next step is to discover the square footage. Start with multiplying the breadth to the length of an area.
  • The next step is converting the thickness from in (inches) to ft (feet).
  • So, now you have to find cubic feet. For this, you need to multiply the thickness of are (in feet) to the square footage found above.
  • At last, start converting cubic feet to yards. You can do this by multiplying it by 0.37.

The calculation is not rocket science. You just need to have clear basics of maths for calculating the exact cement needed for any construction work or job site. Once you understand this process, the next steps will be much easier to solve.

Start Practising

For instance, suppose a kitchen construction project and the measure of the patio is 20 feet by 20 feet. The calculation will look like this:

20 x 20 = 400 square feet
4 ÷ 12 = 0.33
400 x .33 = 132 cubic feet
132 x .037 = 48.84 cubic yards

The formula will help you find the volume and convert it into cubic yards. Also, when you need to apply the cement formula, the process is simple. Using a concrete calculator will help you in preventing wastage.
Length (L) x Thickness (T) x Width (W)

Calculate The Number Of Cement Bags Required

To calculate the total number of cement bags, start dividing the total cubic yards from the yield. Here the yield will be the fresh cement’s volume produced in one batch and expressed in cubic meters.

Furthermore, you can calculate this by dividing the entire material mass from the calculated density of the cement (mixed freshly). Also, it will help to find the total amount of cement needed for your project.

Have a look over the bag and yields sizes:

For instance,

  • If there are 10 circular holes
  • Having a diameter of 300 mm
  • And it is equipped with 600 mm of depth.
  • The total volume will be 0.424 m³.

Roughly you have to buy 45.8 x 20 kg sacks of cement.

Checkout one alternative of this:

  • For .022 cubic yards, bag yields of 80 pounds are required.
  • For .011 cubic yards, bag yields of 40 pounds are required.
  • For .017 cubic yards, bag yields of 60 pounds are required.

Is On Site Ready Mix Concrete The Right Choice?

The ready mix on site concrete is the best choice for every type of project. But, still, you can save money by working smartly!

Let’s take a situation where you are working on a project. It includes garden concreting or driveway, and you will need yard cement because it is cost-effective and also beneficial.

If you use the wrong cement type, you end up paying high labour costs. Also, working on a task like a tiny outside space, conservatory, or kitchen will allow you to calculate cement as per bags.

Final words

In conclusion, if you are working on a large-scale project, you need assistance or a team of experts to help you throughout. Moreover, the concrete calculator is going to be your savior!

Here you will witness no wastage of raw material while working on a project. Have you understood the formula for calculating your cement bags? If not, ask us the same!

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