All You Need to Know About Square Yard to Square Feet

Square feet and Square yards are metrics used popularly to signify land measurements. Currently, all around the world, the square feet unit system is predominantly used instead of the square yard unit system that came into practice during British rule. If you are planning to sell, purchase or even mortgage property for that matter, it is absolutely essential that you find out all about converting Square yards to Square feet.

Land Measurement Unit – Square Yard to Square Feet

A Square yard, typically denoted as yd2 or Sq.yd, implies the area of a square where each side is one yard. The measurement unit is most commonly used in the United Kingdom and some parts of India and Pakistan. In some regions of the country, state and local governments still use the Square yard unit to determine the price of the property or land.

For example, some Indian states use the Square yard unit when determining the circle rate per unit of area. One cannot sell land or property below the circle rate fixed by the government. In urban regions, yd2 is used as a standard unit to calculate carpet area and acquire the selling price. Hence, converting Square yards to Square feet is easier with a unitary method.

An online converter can also be used to compute the square yard to square feet in value with this formula.

All You Need to Know About Square Feet

The Square feet (denoted as ft2 or Sq.ft.) is the area of a square where each side measures one foot. Since in the majority of the cases, property prices are set per square feet, knowing how to convert a Square yard to Square feet is important to compute the net worth of the property in question.

How to Convert Square Yard to Square Feet 

One can quickly change the measurement from Sq yard to Sq feet by using a simple formula:

1 Square yard = 9 Square feet

For instance, if the carpet area of a flat located in Noida is 1000 Sq.ft., it means when converted to Sq.yd, the measurement will be 1000/9 = 111.11 yd2 (approximately).

Both the units – Square ft and Square yard – can be used interchangeably. Here is an example to help you understand the formula better.

Let’s say a 3 BHK property in Gurgaon measures 1680 yd2. Therefore, when converted to ft2, the measurement will be 1680×9 = 15120 ft2.

Converting the land units are also important for those going for loan against property because it helps them in evaluating the right loan amount against their plot or house.

Table Showing Conversion from 1 Square Yard to Square Feet

For a quick reference, here is a table showing the conversion from Square yard to Square feet below:

Value in Square Yard (yd2) Value in Square Feet (ft2)
1 Sq.yd. 9 Sq.ft.
2 Sq.yd. 18 Sq.ft.
3 Sq.yd. 27 Sq.ft.
4 Sq.yd. 36 Sq.ft.
5 Sq.yd. 45 Sq.ft.
6 Sq.yd. 54 Sq.ft.
7 Sq.yd. 63 Sq.ft.
8 Sq.yd. 72 Sq.ft.
9 Sq.yd. 81 Sq.ft.
10 Sq.yd. 90 Sq.ft.
11 Sq.yd. 99 Sq.ft.
12 Sq.yd. 108 Sq.ft.
13 Sq.yd. 117 Sq.ft.
14 Sq.yd. 126 Sq.ft.
15 Sq.yd. 135 Sq.ft.
16 Sq.yd. 144 Sq.ft.
17 Sq.yd. 153 Sq.ft.
18 Sq.yd. 162 Sq.ft.
19 Sq.yd. 171 Sq.ft.
20 Sq.yd. 180 Sq.ft.

Memorizing or having the above table in place will help you with precise calculations in only a few seconds, particularly when applying for a property loan.

Square Feet to Square Yard Calculator

Switching from Square yard to Square feet can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not well-versed with the values as shown in the table above. However, with an online calculator or converter, this can be done in a jiffy. Simply enter the Square feet value (you can obtain this value by multiplying the length by the width) and hit the ‘Calculate’ button. The user-friendly online tool makes floor measuring easier than ever. The calculator also comes in handy when plotting out landscape designs for small yards.

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