8 reasons to launch a sublimation business

Sublimation is a relatively new technique to permanently personalize garments and objects that are later sold in photography stores, advertising claims, copy shops, … All you need is an inkjet printer , special ink and paper, and a transfer plate.

T shirt sublimated

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But what is it that makes this technique so attractive that it is worth creating a business with just it? Keep reading and we explain 8 good reasons:

8 Reasons

  1. Low investment . If you start, a pack that includes an A4 printer, plate and all the necessary materials can cost you just over € 1000 , where do you find a business that you can start with that investment?
  2. High profitability . The products that you are going to produce for retail sale have wide margins that will allow you to amortize the investment in a short time.
  3. Sell ​​Low cost . Especially in these times, it is wise to sell things that are affordable. You will broaden the audience spectrum, and you will facilitate impulsive buying. What is being sold is so affordable and original that, with a little creativity in your suggestions, your clients will know how to find reasons to buy from you.
  4. Easy to learn . If you already know how to use a computer and a basic graphic program, there is little you will have to learn additionally. You can learn most of what you need to start making your own custom items in one day.
  5. It is digital! And this is a great advantage: you can order a single unit at a time, you do not need to demand large orders. And many times large orders are lost because of not being able to make the sample units.
  6. You don’t need a lot of space . Do not think about renting yet, that will come if the business asks you to. A sublimation workshop can fit in your home. After all, if you already have space for a computer and a printer, you just have to find where to locate the plate.
  7. Versatile . You are not only going to make t-shirts, although if you have originality you could do it. You can make mugs, keychains, purses, … and so on up to more than 1,000 products .
  8. Compatible with other activities . You may want to try several businesses until you hit the one that suits you. This technique can be work part time, since you have not commit a large capital. And perhaps it will always remain as a complement to your usual incomesublimation printer and t shirts

Start by doing a small market study to list all the applications in which you could offer sublimated products: clubs, sports teams, farewells, parties, advertising, events, If ideas flow to you and you are able to fill a sheet with markets potentials you can reach, you’ve already done the hardest part. The rest will be much easier.

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