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7 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor | Guide for Parents

7 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Several kinds of research and experimentation in Neuroscience have indicated that children are likely to be smarter and sharper than most adults. Children’s brain function and activity may be higher than adults’, but sometimes they still need a little extra assistance to shine academically.  


Online Tuition


While online tuition is not a new concept, it has certainly gained popularity over the last few years. Millions of children in the UK are now taking online tuition from the comfort of their homes. With more students up for tuition, there are more options in the market to choose from. Today, the UK has many reputable online tutoring companies. Most of these companies have a long-standing history of providing remarkable tutoring services to students of all classes. So, if you are in the UK, all you have to do is click on this link to find the most credible online tutoring companies near you. 


So, should you get your child a tutor?


Parents often ponder the question of whether or not their child needs a tutor. If you are contemplating something similar, then keep reading the article, as we might have all the answers you are looking for.  


If you spend time helping your child with their homework, it is easy to notice when they require extra help. However, most children try to do everything on their own. Therefore, often making it harder for parents to see before a red line appears on the report card. Therefore, it is important to know as early as possible when your child needs a tutor to avoid such incidents. 


Have an honest talk


Before digging around for possible signs, the wisest thing you can do is have an open conversation with your child. Ask them directly if they need extra support from a tutor.

You can be honest with them and share your concerns. However, if they still do not open up to you, the next step should be to look for possible indications such as the following: 


1- Hating school 


Like said earlier, most parents only notice when their child begins to fail different subjects in school. However, children start showing signs of needing extra academic support way before getting an F on their exams. Do you ever hear your child saying they hate school or they do not like going there? If this sounds familiar, there is a chance your child might be struggling in school. 


Constant avoidance and unnecessary disliking for school can often be a result of some underlying academic problems. Parents assume that all children do not like studying or going to school. While this may be true in some instances, however, it is not always the case. 


Children who struggle with their education try the hardest to ditch school. They make excuses such as being sick, having a tummy ache, or having a toothache while being perfectly healthy. As a parent, it should be easy for you to catch onto those lies. Therefore, if your child is making excuses all the time, it might be because of academic challenges. 


2- Running away from homework


Every child runs away from their assignments and homework at some point. However, suppose your child is tearing up while doing their homework or simply avoiding it by making constant excuses. In that case, it can signify that your child needs extra assistance from a tutor. Children having problems at school often procrastinate on their tasks. They try every possible trick in the book to get out of doing their homework. So, if you are sensing that your child might be unnecessarily reluctant to do their homework, it is time to start thinking about appointing a tutor.  


3- Taking forever to do their homework


Spending hours doing simple tasks such as writing an essay or solving a Maths problem can also indicate that your child may be silently struggling with their education. Every child has their own pace. Some are naturally more quick and sharp than others. However, a child should not spend needlessly long on one task. If you think your child requires more time and effort than an average student, it could also be a sign.


4- Lack of participation


Children who are not performing well on their tests and exams often do not like to participate in other school activities. If a child is failing their English essay test, they might not want to be around their English teacher for other class activities. Notice if your child is participating in extracurricular activities or not. If they have not engaged in any school activities in a while, this can indicate a problem. 


5- Staying in their room


Low grades in school often become the cause for low confidence. Some students lock themselves away in their room to avoid facing their parents and families. Poor performance at school affects not only the grades but also many other aspects of a student’s life. Pay attention to your child’s everyday activities. See if they have recently started to spend more time alone, as this can also be troublesome.  


6- Being secretive


One guaranteed sign that your child may need a tutor is hiding their report card from you. Has your child ever shoved their test results under the couch as soon as they saw you enter the room? So, if your answer to this question is a big yes, there is no point in waiting for more signs. 


7- Talk to the teachers


And lastly, if you still cannot seem to figure out whether or not your child needs a tutor, then consider talking to their school teachers. Parents-Teachers meetings are an excellent chance for you to get an update on your child’s progress. Ask their teachers if they think your child should get a tutor. 


To summarise, a parent’s instincts are hardly wrong. Secondly, if you have come to this page, it means that there is a chance you already think that your child needs a tutor. Now, with the help of these signs, you can be sure before making the final call.

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