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4 Guidelines To Waterproof Shade Sail

When you talk about shade sails, the ordinary picture created in mind is a sail in fabrics. These kinds of shades are common all over the world. But what happens if you stay in an area where the weather is moody and unpredictable? People want shades for summer & sunny days, but waterproof shade sails work best when the climate is rainy. These waterproof sails are a better choice as they are an all-weather solution.

How Are Sails Waterproof?

The sails are made from different fabrics but are coated with a chemical. These sails have a PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) coating that improves their functionality. It is resin-coated on the top of sails which aids in preventing water. This chemical helps the sail fight against UV radiations, weather degradations, and fires.

These sails can be used in areas like:

  • Swimming pool
  • School
  • Playgrounds
  • Office buildings
  • Terrace etc.

The PVC is also available in multiple colours and styles, which can be great for the aesthetic extensions of the design that one is planning to make.

Benefits Of Having Waterproof Sails


  • Protection From every Harsh Climate

Climate change is the current reality of the world. The climate can be moody, which means you never know when it might be sunny and when it starts to rain. These constant temperature changes and extremes can be dangerous for ordinary sails.

If you wish to soak in water without getting impacted by UV rays and the sun’s harshness, waterproof shades are your rescue. It can even come in handy when you have parties outdoors, and rain/chill winters might ruin it.


  • They are Durable

The shade sails are made from a durable material that ensures sturdy. They have the strength to withstand every weather and condition. These do not degrade readily, which makes them a great choice. Moreover, they can also be used to cover stuff and gardens.


  • Have Aesthetic Looks

These shade sails give a great aesthetic value to houses as they are available in multiple colours and styles. You can match the colour of the shade sail with your existing decor, and bingo, you have durable yet beautiful decor. Even when people sell their homes, they can fetch different prices as the sail is valuable. These sails can be an extension of the decor of the space.


  • Installation & Maintenance

Another reason why waterproof shade sails are so popular is that it’s easy to install and maintain. While these shade sails are big enough to suit all the protection requirements, their installation is not that difficult. It can be done without any hassle, making it a simple process. You just need to have four hooks/posts set up attached to some wall, and the sails can be installed.

They are effortless to maintain, as they do not degrade depending upon the weather. They have a sturdy and durable material. As the installation is easy, so is getting it down- which means you can clean it with ease. Without much effort, your space has all-weather protection.

Instead of buying the traditional shade sail, it is better to purchase a waterproof one. There are multiple benefits that it offers and gives you better protection. The benefits mentioned above are great for a residence and for all the spaces that require shade. Climate change is real, and one must ensure that they take appropriate protection. Many organisations are selling waterproof sails too!


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