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3 Most Reliable Methods to Repair PST File

Outlook PST Repair is a professional solution for repairing corrupted PST files without any barrier.

The need for the PST repair raises when unknowingly or accidentally the PST file delete or damage. But have you ever thought about how the corruption of PST takes place? In the below section we are going to discuss the common reasons due to which it may reach the stage of corruption.

  1. Undoubtedly, PST may be corrupt due to the sudden failure of power.
  2. Downloading and installing any malicious software in your system may affect the PST files.
  3. Corruption of PST files may take place because of a virus attack.
  4. Without saving all the changes which are made to the PST file, one shuts the Outlook. May sometimes lead to a state of corruption.

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What to do next?

However, the question strikes how it can be made possible to restore corrupt PST files? The next thing is to find an easy and free solution to repair PST files. Therefore, the article will help in searching for the best method. So, we are going to discuss the different free Outlook file repair tools to repair corrupt PST files.

  1. Inbox repair tool
  2. Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool

Tool 1: Inbox repair tool

The inbox repair tool is known by another name Scanpst.exe. The inbox repair tool is one of the simple PST repair tool that generally, helps the user to repair only the header section of the corrupted PST files. The biggest drawback of using the Inbox repair tool is that it can only repair or restore the minor level of corruption. However, it is best suited for only small organizations not fitted for large organizations. Even though, this PST repair tool is not much secure.

Tool 2: Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool

PST Repair

Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool is designed in such a framework, from where the users can effortlessly repair the minor or major level of corruption. There are also more advantageous features:-

  • Repairs the multiple numbers of corrupted PST and facilitates to save in the new PST file.
  • Easily transfer the recovered PST file into many other destinations like Office 365, Live Exchange, Novell Group Wise, and Lotus Domino.
  • It provides 100% security and reliability to the users.
  • It properly recovers the corrupted PST file along with its components.
  • A full-time technical support team is available.

It also has a search feature from where you can easily search for a particular item by applying the different fields that result in time-saving.

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Wrapping up:

At last, if we compare both the Outlook file repair tools together. Then, it seems to be very clear that the Inbox repair tool (manual method) may result in an error sometimes. On the other side, the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool (automated method) serves the fastest recovery to restore corrupt PST files efficiently. The best service of this tool is that it provides a free trial to use the tool just before purchasing it. Hence, use this Outlook PST repair tool to restore the PST files in few minutes.

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